Do girls cost cosmetic equipment in Afghanistan?

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Do girls cost cosmetic equipment in Afghanistan?

 Afghanistan has so beautiful girls. Most of the girls in Afghanistan are so tall, cute with thin shape, as one of the Afghan girls became the beautiful queen of England. Of course Afghan girls are from art??? Strain, and it is clear that??? Strain had beautiful and handsome women and men.

Maybe the others think that Afghan may do not cost to elegance and fashion by problems they have, but it's not so, Afghan girls cost beauty beside problems they have. Because elegance and beauty is one of the Allah's gifts and I think making ourselves beautiful and ordered is art.

 In Afghanistan in addition of problems we had and also we have, the girls use from cosmetic equipments of course using of cosmetic equipments in our society is a little different from other countries.

 In our culture in here the teenagers and girls who are single are not permitted to use cosmetic equipments and make up them selves so much. And of course they have their especial cosmetic equipments, and can do a mild make up.

But when a girl gets engage or gets married, this border is broken and she can make up and use cosmetics as much as she like. In this last years the people's view and costing to cosmetic become expanded than past.

 Today referring to cosmetic centers and skin doctors become more and all girls try to be so beautiful and they think beauty is only thing that they can has this not only girls has interest to fashion nowadays boys has lot of interest to fashion and elegance .

Young girls try to the cosmetic from credible companies with high brands and marks with best quality nowadays in addition of too interest to fashion and cosmetic equipment in spite of this creates more cosmetic centers and skin doctors and they have so reference.It is so important which they price to beauty.

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