Do You Have Spying Neighbours?

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Or as I call them the 'Net Curtain Brigade' who peep and twitch, behind their 'supposed' cover,thinking they go unseen.

Do they make you angry,resentful,irritated or just plain furious?

When what you should feel is sympathy or even empathy,for these poor souls,who have so much time on their hands and so little in their lives,that they need to live a life of watching others living theirs.

How sad is that?
A life of abject emptiness and probably loneliness, among the 'busy' of most people's lives,as they watch the world passing them by.

Just give them a wave and let them know,you know,the 'net curtain' will rapidly be re-drawn, and another peep hole found,giving them some little purpose in their empty lives.

Your GOOD DEED for the day is done!

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