Do You Think USA Is In The Role Of- Dictatorship?

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Many people take it without any consideration that the USA may be a democracy (actually, properly speaking, the USA may be a Republic, not a Democracy however that is a problem for an additional post) and simply assume it'll continually stay thus.

But freedom is simply maintained once the people remains open-eyed. think about that, the Constitution because it was originally supposed bears very little alikeness to the "Constitution" of these days.

Consider that the Forefathers supposed that the Federal Governmental Powers stay terribly restricted with most of the facility resting with the individual States. these days the alternative is true.

Consider that a condition of agreement of the North American nation Constitution was that States be allowed to part from the union if they thus want (the war place Associate in Nursing finish to that).

Consider that Presidential powers have, through precedent, government orders, and alternative mechanisms, greatly expanded in recent times.

Consider that the sole agency that has authority for "domestic spying" is that the law enforcement agency, however currently the National Security Agency is found to habitually spy on Americans domestically.

These trends have gone largely unnoticed by a self-satisfied people.

I feel that we tend to square measure solely some of "terrorist attacks" far from quickly losing our freedoms. Marshall law might simply turn up as a results of any attack on the North American nation that puts it "technically" or "actually" at war. Such measures square measure "supposed" to be temporary...but however temporary?

All it takes is one leader to assume their judgement is healthier than the voters' and it's game over.