Do You Tsu? The Future of Paid Social Media.

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Do you Tsu?

What is Tsu? I hear you ask! Well, for those of you who don't know, Tsu is a social media platform that pays you in cold, hard, cash. Good ol' Greenbacks - the US Dollar. In the US, these payments come via cheque when you cash out. Elsewhere in the world, you're paid via PayPal.

The platform is around 15 months old, and already has over 4 million users from all around the world. Users are mainly in the US, but there are also members in Australia, the UK, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, Japan, Italy, and numerous other countries.

Focus is on the social element. Comment on other users' posts, strike up a conversation, make friends, take part in regular competitions or challenges. Follow users, interact, share posts. Post your own ORIGINAL content, such as photos from your vacation or your recipe for home made scones - what ever you want. If you use photos from elsewhere, make sure they are royalty free, and credit the original author.

My experience on Tsu has been highly positive, and I have made some good new friends that I never would have met elsewhere. The community is supportive, caring, and fun. You'll even catch CEO Sebastian Sobczak commenting on users' posts from time to time. You don't get that on Facebook! And the money? Well, that's a bonus.

Now, I'm not saying this will make you rich quick - it won't. Some people have started to make a living from it, though. Several users have reached the minimum cash out value of $100 multiple times. The bank is updated each morning, and you can track your progress daily, as shown in the picture below. And if you recruit new users, then you earn a share of their revenues for life.



Thinking this all sounds a bit mercenary? Don't worry - there are plenty of charities registered on Tsu as well. Organisations like Charity Water, Viet Dreams, Tuesday's Children, and Feed the Children all have accounts, and the peer-to-peer payment function means that you can donate your Tsu earnings to them without using your PayPal account or credit card!

Currently, because of the way the royalties system works, the platform is by invitation only so you need to know someone who's a member to get on board. But I'd suggest that, if you're going to join, you do it soon, because this is going to take off in a big way! And joining is, of course, FREE. Your personal invite code is:


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