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A fair amount of the web design process involve the creation and troubleshooting
of the document, style sheet, scripting, and image that make up
a site. The process of writing HTML and style sheet document is commonly
referred to as authoring.                                                                                                                               The people who handle production need to have an intricate knowledge of
HTML (the markup language used to make web document) and style sheet,
and often additional scripting or programming skill. At large web design
firms, the team that handle the creation of the file that make up the web  site
may be called the  “production” department. In some case,
the task may be separated out into specialized position for CSS designer,
HTML coder, and client-side programmer.
This book will teach you the basic of web authoring, including  how to
write HTML document, create style sheet, and produce web graphics.
Fortunately, it’s not difficult to  learn. Once you have gotten the fundamental
under your belt, the trick is to practice by creating page and   learning from
your mistake.
In addition to the HTML document and style sheet, each of  the image that
appear on the page need to be produced in a way that is  appropriate and
optimized for web delivery.

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