Does anyone know why is my revenue going down despite increase in BUZZ SCORE?

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There are thousands of users of Film Annex who are using it as a platform for expressing their thoughts and other skills of photography etc and in return expects that their BUZZ score goes up and in so their revenue in the form of Bitcoin.


But have anybody thought that is the increase of Bitcoin really dependent on your BUZZ score? The fact is, it is not. I have proof that despite my BUZZ score going up daily, I have faced situation where my revenue graph have gone down

Does it depend on the total number of Blogs you write or the number of videos and photos you upload? Or is the influence you manage to generate. Or is it the number of posts you share on other social networks. There are a lot of unsolved queries in my mind.

So I am planning to interact with the Film Annex team and find out the exact reason on which my revenue is interlinked. I would request all my friends in Film Annex that if anyone knows the actual reason then kindly share it all of us. This will help us to grow our revenue.

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