Does modren inventions are useful for mankind or not

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Today, I am going to discuss disadvantages of electricity. In old ages there is such facilities. A man spend whole life facing difficulties and using candles at homes. Sometimes he spend his whole night in darkness. With the passage of time man invent new things for its comfort and make its life more easy.

For this purpose man found the method to produce electricity from water. Now, the next step is to invent such things which can be run by using electricity and which can be useful in daily life.

Then first they invent such things which can be use for lighting purpose. Bulbs, tube lights these all are use for lighting purpose. With the passage of time many new invention such as fan, electric heater, freezers and many other thing which can be run by electricity. With the passage of time electricity also use in transport system. Man invent such vehicles which can be run by electricity.

Electric train is one of the best example of this which can transfer hundred of passenger from one place to another and take less time as compared to other transport system. With passage of time many electronic machines are prepared. These new inventions are very helpful in our day to day life.

On one side, these all inventions are very helpful for human beings but there is also some demerits or you can say that disadvantages of electricity.

First and main disadvantages of electricity is that if a person or a child which is innocent and unaware of it will unfortunately touch a wire or put its figure in switch then he will get shocked and many time death may also occur.

Similarly, if an electronic machine is short circuit then person who touch it will get shocked. Similarly, if a child put its figure in electric fan then he will be badly injured.

Machine don't have mind. Machines don't feel pain or didn't think that in what condition they will stop. In short, we can say that modern inventions not only helpful but also have bad effects.

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