Dog hit by car, unexpected turn of events.

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Mexico city is a place where you can see and encounter street dogs roaming around, playing with their peers and mates. Its a normal day for a taxi driver driving his car but he was able to capture the scene and heart warming turn of events when a high speeding car accidentally hit the dog and didn't bother to stop.

The Driver then pulled his mobile phone to capture the incident, but he was amazed of what he saw. The white dog died from critical accident and the other dog desperately helped his fallen friend to get across the road. The brown dog tried to nudged to awake his friend, but its too late, white dog is already dead.
his very unusual for everyone to witness how this dog helped other dog to let across the road. They are indeed have freedom to enjoy life in this world, however accident is unpredictable. This might be a good lesson for us that we have to give importance's to animals especially dogs.
This video is indeed worth to share,to learn few things that animals are worth to loved and care as well especially dogs.
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