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Teach your dog (Sit)

Nowadays, you can see thousands of trained dog's videos performing their learned tricks and I bet that while watching those videos makes you tell yourself ‘I wanna train my dog but I don't know how’. 
This post won’t be able to grant your wish in just a “BOOM!” because you need to work hard and build a strong bond with your dog to be able to teach your dog a trick. Everything that this post can do for you is to tell you how are you going to teach your dog the first trick and the easiest trick for your dog to learn.

But if you are not patient enough and if you do not know the meaning of concentration and friendship then you better call for a dog trainer to teach every trick to your dog because if you force yourself to teach your dog without any patience you’ll just end up hurting your dog.
I highly recommend patience and strong bond with your dog before starting to train your dog for the best result of the training and the best feeling that you’ll feel once the dog finally mastered a trick. When you finally felt that awesome feeling of being able to teach your dog a trick will make you more determined to teach the dog more tricks which are a little bit harder than the first one.

Preparations Before The Training

Get your tools ready and be sure that you are in a good mood before getting your dog to a tough training and one of the most important thing to keep in mind is ‘This is the first training of your dog so don’t expect your dog to master the trick fast’.
Check your dog if it was in a good condition and mood before starting the training because it will learn nothing if it doesn't feel well and you’ll end up losing your trust to your dog that it will be able to learn the tricks that you are going to teach.

Step By Step Tutorial

1.First thing must be taught first, get your dog’s attention and show it the treat so the dog will come in front of you. Click the clicker or say the magic word (For example: Good dog, Good Job, Good Boy, Good Girl) and then give it one treat at a time. Perform it repeatedly until your dog learned the magic word or sound of the clicker.

2.Now, raise your hand which is holding the treat in front of your eyes to make your dog look into your eye and when your dog looked into your eye click the clicker or say the magic word and then give it the treat. Perform that repeatedly until you keep your dog looking into your eye every time it finished eating the treat. Take note: Small treats are faster to be chewed and swallowed and that will make the training quicker.

3.Hold a treat on your hand and move your hand which is holding the treat on to top of your dog’s head to make the dog sit and when he sat click the clicker immediately or say the magic word and give it the treat on your hand. Take note: Patience is needed in this part of the training because it’s your dog’s first training.

4.Perform it repeatedly without saying the name of the trick and when your dog sits fast enough for you then that was the right time for you to do what you are doing but this time speaking the name of the trick is a must for your dog to be familiar to its name and be able to sit with just saying the word “Sit”.

Things To Keep In Mind

Every time your dog performed the trick that you are teaching don’t forget to click the clicker or say the magic word and praise your dog.

In teaching your dog a trick there are tools that you need especially if you are not a Professional dog trainer just like me. These tools can make the training a lot easier and I call these tools ‘My Magic’


The clicker will tell your dog that it did a god job and performed the trick correctly and this will make your dog know that you are going to praise it and give it a treat.
(If you do not have a clicker you can also use your voice saying the magic word which is stated above)


The treat will be the prize every time your dog performed the trick correctly and it will also make your dog excited and determined to perform the trick that you want it to do.
(I recommend small sized treats for a faster chewing and swallowing)

Useful Tips

There are a huge number of chained and caged dogs nowadays but do you think that’s a good idea? You’re wrong if that’s what you think because chaining or putting a dog inside the cage will make your dog wild and sometimes it won’t learn any trick.
A dog is a man’s best friend and also a part of our family so we better treat them like one because only dogs can give us an unconditional love. Hurting a dog as a punishment is not recommended because it will leave a deep wound on your dog’s heart not talking to your dog for a couple of minutes is enough punishment for them.
So I bet you already know that you must not chain or put your dog in a cage if you really want to teach your dog a trick.


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