Dogs are 100% man bestfriend

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There are people who considered their dog as not just a pet but their buddies, bestfriend and their partners.They are different from other animals because of their behavior and loyalty to their master. Dog dont need anything from you except your proper care and Love.

How hard you hit them, how long you abandoned them they can still recognize you as their boss, their master and their partners. They are still waiting for you to come back and you can still see them wiggle2x their tails. When you give them your best care, your love your dog will be the most loyal animals lived in this world.
Below are the stunning and touching hugging images gathered from different photographer. Its just a proof that dogs are indeed 100% Man best  friends.
Let your dog grow up with you, happy life with you and consider as their partner. Loyalty of this animal is to the highest level once you give them your best care and love. Remember, they have only 10 to 15 years to stay in this world. Let them feel the way that they deserve to be.
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