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Today's topic is about dolls. I was browsing through my photos from my hard drive and spotted this Surigao folder, our first trip for this year and found the doll images! I realized, I never really had blogged about the dolls so I thought I should feature them too.

As a little girl, I remember owning a doll but never really got attached to them. I have certain like of acquiring one when we pass by a mall, I recall even crying out loud just so mom could buy it for me in that case she did but that seem to be two or three instances only. It looked like doll is something which I only like for awhile then would kill it by taking its legs out and such. I was a bit harsh at that time but I guess that's how little girls really act as that's the same case with my niece when she was growing up.

Well, I guess I was not destined to love dolls at all, instead I love things about pens and notebooks as well as journals. Or perhaps that's just my get away medium upon moving up from childhood.

Dolls Overview


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Do you like dolls?

I have a colleague who hates dolls as it reminds her of some horror movies featuring killer dolls and possessed ones too. I understand that there are really girls who are not into these stuff but it is given that when we were young, dolls are the first thing that our parents specially our mom would buy for us, to entertain us.

A doll is a model of a human being, often used as a toy for children. Dolls have traditionally been used in magic and religious rituals throughout the world, and traditional dolls made of materials such as clay and wood are found in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.

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History of Dolls

When talking about dolls, whats the very first thing that goes into your mind? Is it showing you a skinny, blonde Barbie doll? Or perhaps it is giving you visions of a talking baby dolls which you can feed and talks as well just like the Baby Alive dolls? Or maybe does the faces of Annabelle or Chuckie shows up on your imaginations?


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Well, dolls have evolved throughout the years. These pieces of either wood, clay or ivory or rags have certain reasons why they were created. Through my research, I figured out that dolls have been available and documented as early as 100-200 BC. The documentation was based on the noted available information from graves of Roman children who have dolls with them in their tombs.

Other countries as well have showed interest to dolls for certain purposes rather than just toys for kids. For over four thousand years, dolls have been with us and have significant values for spiritual, magical and ritual. But dolls have also became collectible items and of which costs high prices.

Famous Types of Dolls

 Dolls without a doubt is still one of the things a little girl would ask as a birthday gift. It is one thing which can bring smile on their faces while playing with it. However, dolls as mentioned have other uses as well including casting a spell on a certain human victim target through the use of dark magic.

Below, I have listed some of the famous kinds of dolls from all over the world. You might be familiar with some of them or perhaps all of them instead.

Matryoshka Doll


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This is Russian wooden nesting doll. It consists of a set of similar doll that all fit into each other from the biggest to the smallest.

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Ever seen a box which has boxes inside it ranging from the biggest to the smallest? This doll is similar to that but instead of having boxes, the dolls are arranged in a nesting style so the smallest to the biggest can fit in one storage.

It has been known that the largest number of Matryoshka dolls in a set is 72.

Paper Doll

This is a two-dimensional doll made out of out of paper or thin card.



I remember these dolls are popular in my grade school year and every single student own a paper doll where we also try to exchange dresses and accessories also made of paper!

Paper dolls however have been considered as disposable dolls because papers have a tendency of getting wet and damaged immediately while on use.

Ball-jointed Doll


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This is a type of doll whose limbs are interconnected with ball and socket joints. The familiar type to this is Barbie. The teen age fashion model kind of doll which has became popular since it was released and had broaden their market from just dolls to merchandise, accessories and even house items.

Today, it seems Barbie is the most sought dolls by every single girl even the adult ones!

Rag Doll

This is a children’s toy made from cloth. They are maybe one of the oldest known dolls and are known to all cultures. Aside from it being used as children's toy, it is also the easiest piece for a voodoo doll which are used for piercing pins with the intention of inflicting physical harm.


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International Doll House

In a blog I posted few months ago, I narrated our Surigao Tour Day 1 and this blog included a snippet about the International Doll House along Bislig, Surigao del Sur. Read the story here:


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Surigao Tour Day 1 - International Doll House

It is interesting to see lots of dolls inside a room and it was my first time to see this many dolls in my entire life, guess the owner really have committed to collecting these different kinds of dolls.

I actually spotted all the types of dolls I listed above except for the Rag dolls. Perhaps because rag dolls are not really part of the collectible ones.

Upon entering, it is important that you have your entrance ticket with you which can be bought from the entrance for Php 20. Without that, the tour guide won't allow you to come in. The slippers and other footwear shall be left outside too.


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We were not informed though that it was closed when we came there as posted on their Facebook fan page because they were under renovation however, it was a lucky day because the tour guide was at the doll house. He then showed us the place and advised they will be closing soon because it was already three in the afternoon. Note that the house is fully air-conditioned.

Owned by Mr. Werner and Mrs. Willimann, they had traveled all over the world collecting these dolls and figures from auctions and other events. These dolls are priced at a very rare and high amount. With that case, since the couple travels a lot so to acquire these dolls, I would highly encourage you to also participate in this Querlo chat below about travel:

There's a doll here which is made of wax and is the main reason why the room is fully air conditioned. Wax made dolls have the tendency of liquefying if the room temperature is high thus the air conditioning was added.


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Note that the most expensive dolls inside is the gold Matryoshka dolls while the most expensive Barbie is the ceramic yellow gowned Barbie. Also one thing that I won't forget is that there are dolls in here which have the hair of Michael Jackson and Manilyn Monroe! I bet those were expensive too!

Currently, the couple is still going to places to acquire more and more dolls of any sorts. I hope they can expand the room and make every doll with labels on which country and name individually though.

Bonus Trivia


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• Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
• The most expensive doll in the world is L’Oiseleur (the Bird Trainer). Its price is $6.25 million.
• Fear of dolls is called “pediophobia”.
• One Barbie is sold somewhere in the world every three seconds.
• Barbie has three sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea.

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