Domestic Violence on women

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In many societies, women are considered as inferior or second-class citizen and this discrimination against women is deeply rooted. Even in developed countries, violence against women is an everlasting problem. Violence against women is not just the problem of Pakistan actually the women of whole world are suffering from this problem.  According to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan "Every society and culture of the world has violence against women, girl of every color, caste, age and religion is the victim of violence.”

Violence against women and violence of this society is extremely painful calamity. The most painful and bitter thing is that this violence arises from houses with the negative attitudes. Woman who is a mother, sister, wife, daughter, the existence of the old and unfounded theories have made her ​​the victim of tyranny. Abusing, beatings of women, undue restrictions and constraints, the non-provision of basic needs, emotional and mental stress and forced marriages comes in the category domestic violence. Sadly, it has become a tenet of domestic violence in our society and Pakistan is on top of the list. In 2011 after the Afghanistan and the Congo, Pakistan was declared as the world's worst country for women.

Narrow and aggressive minded extremist do not hesitate to publicly torture women. Their mind is unable to understand that woman is an eve, daughter of eve which gives birth to mankind. Women are the symbol of innocence and morality. The success of nations is due to women. Violence against women is a reality, and this is part of a society. In every society it is somehow according to the situation. Violence against women is not just the socially and legally crime but also it is against the rules of morality.

According to European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, in countries included in Union about a third of women aged 15 years are suffering physical or sexual violence and it comes nearly six million to 20 million. The following are some reasons behind domestic violence:

  • Lack of education
  • Poverty and deprivation
  • Supporting  immoral laws
  • Ignorance of the house guardian
  • Forced marriages
  • Wish to make women obedient
  • More children


Domestic violence is an expression of man's brutal nature and violence against women is a curse. Whether the violence is domestic, or may be local or international it can never change thinking. Body can be traumatized by violence, can be removed, but the thoughts and feelings that cannot be erased. Education is the only solution to these problems. It can only be controlled if we increase education and awareness and change the culture think the main reason is poverty and ignorance. If we can eliminate poverty 80 percent of domestic violence could be eliminated. 

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