Dominating the female gender

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There was a time when women were dominated by men, there were no education for women, they were not allowed to roam freely outside their home even inside home they were asked not to go in front of guests. Most of them were tortured by their husbands. As if housewife's are only there for cooking and taking care of their husbands and children.

With time, slowly the mentality is changing, girls are now in every sense equal to boys, there is now no discrimination as such but at time I see still discrimination exits. For example just few days back I came to hear about a school which gave holiday on the day just after the world cup, just a wave off you can say as the match ends at 3-4 o' clock, but the holiday was given to boys only and not to girls. This incident created a wave among students and they protested.

These type of incidents are very common but it doesn't mean the condition is same, its improving, but in order to accommodate any change, its important that we start drive the change first.


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