Don't be "ANTI" ... be "PRO" !!

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This blog is quite related to the last blog I wrote, about "The Secret" about thinking positively... but I wanted to delve in a little deeper and really think about something.

A lot of people are Anti War, Anti crime, Anti cancer, Anti EVERYTHING! Loads of people focus all their negative energy onto something, instead of their positive energy onto the opposite. Why not be, Pro Peace, Pro Prevention, Pro Health, Pro Treatment... how much more would get done? Instead of thousands of people twittering on about something they don't like, they could take steps to do something towards what they do want.... the world would be more peaceful place.

The power of a "Collective Psyche" has also, apparently been measured:

After 9/11, as the world watched in devestation, anger, upset, a frequency in the world was measured... we were all focusing on the same thing and the universe Felt it! Now I'm not sure how strongly I believe this as evidence, but it makes for an interesting watch! And I do believe that atmospheres are often created by people on a smaller scale, so why not a much bigger scale also?

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this, I'd be interested in hearing what other people think!


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