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Don't we all just imagine it all in our head when we hear out some joke? Well, there's this wonderful blog I came across. It's awesome! It is called Dot GIF Comix. Just check out their work and you will know what I mean.

Here are some of their awesome jokes-


We forget to use up our everyday quota of laugh as we grow up. Laughing is very important to keep ourselves healthy. It costs us no money to laugh, so, why not laugh at every little thing that we find funny?


This blog Dot GIF Comix is created with the purpose of making people laugh and giggle. Other than that, the purpose of this blog is to serve people with something new, unique and entertaining.


We post new jokes which are made in .gif files(i.e. the picture moves), every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

We all enjoy reading jokes, whether adult jokes or jokes for kids or PJs. All the genres of jokes make us laugh and giggle; they serve their purpose. 
But, what if beside reading the joke, you could also see the joke scene? DOUBLE FUN!
Well, that's what we do. We post the joke as well as the joke scene made in .gif files.


If we could at least put a smile on your face through our work, our purpose is served. And that's what we work for; to make you smile, laugh and giggle.

So, laugh and also, make others laugh by sharing our work.



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