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Hi, bitLanders' community! It's me again with another blog review on two of the many dining places within the boundary of SM Seaside City Cebu. As part of this mall's promise of bringing world-class dining experience, shopping and entertainment options, they had opened a few more dining places and refreshment areas this month. One of them will be reviewed today.

It was a kids' day out type of day yesterday and my niece and nephew enjoyed our time together, we had lunch at Hukad, I blogged about my own personal review about the said restaurant in this link below:

Hukad Restaurant Review

Today, it will be about Double Ma Tea and Giardino Gelato, two places where we had spent some cash getting sugar into our body systems. Learn more about these two refreshment areas and see if it would entice you to also visit them.

Double Ma Tea: A Pretty in Pink Tea Cafe

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Obviously, tea, milk teas, sugary fruit juices, and pearls are always in season in the city of Cebu. A lot of milk tea cafes are popping up here and there. While some might not like how tea tastes, more and more are being influenced by trying it out and eventually becoming a loyalist of the drink.

As for me, I had my first real experience with drinking tea on a regular basis when I worked in Dubai. Our office had unlimited coffee, milk, and tea at the pantry and soon after, I made milk tea as my daily companion at my computer desk.

As soon as I arrived in the Philippines and started working again in a corporate set up, I was back to having tea, this time from a cafe with the purple theme, and where most visitors chat along while waiting for their orders, got an idea what's this bubble tea cafe's name?

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Anyhow, today, allow me to share our experience at Double Ma Tea, a new craze in the city which offers pretty in pink and pastel interior designs with cool and chilly chairs plus bubbles of course still in pink placed in bathtubs and mini pool. Let's see if the images below won't make you cray over it.


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White, pink and pastels - these are the dominant color palette found inside Double Ma Tea in SM Seaside City Cebu. It has a quite large area compared to that of Chattime and the other tea cafes. It's a bubble tea cafe so they got bubbles in pink and white tones placed inside the bathtub at their wide entrance.

The walls painted white, my favorite section though is the tall gold painted wainscoting with several small green plants placed randomly, it added contrast to the full pink cafe. There are several chairs and tables but they also allow drinking your bubble tea at the back where they got a mini pool full of softballs facing the coastal area, a perfect spot for a sunset view!

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A second floor is also available where guests can have a quieter place because it only accommodates a few tables thus only a few can stay here. Opposite to the mini pool is also another Instagram-worthy spot because there's a transparent elevated hammock which is referred to as the bubble chair! How cute!

I couldn't say anything bad about the interiors, they got the style, the pretty looks and Instagrammable corners that every girl would love to post on her Instagram account. My only issue is that due to it being a newly opened cafe and hundreds of customers come in to check out this place, it becomes crowded and there's a huge tendency of running out of chairs and tables because those who come for a tea will take forever to finish their drink as they want to just hang out until they get over it.

Double Ma Tea is located at the 2nd floor Seaview Wing.

Tea Options and Pricing

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Just like any other milk tea cafes in town, Double Ma Tea's menu provides almost the same pricing which starts at Php 120, add-ons costs around Php 25-35 and additionally, they also offer Arabica Coffee which I was surprised. Their specialty is their Cream Cheese Milk Tea which I ordered of course.

Since my companions were still full, we only got one order just to try it out. I almost thought of canceling the order but since our little boy was already playing at the mini pool full of bubbles, I decided to pursue it which I didn't regret.

Although a little strong because I asked the crew not to add sugar, the cream cheese helped with making it consumable. My niece who tried it didn't like the taste because of course its tea but she enjoyed that place and that's what was important to her.

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Giardino Gelato

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Right when we were about to go to National Bookstore for my niece, Aiesha's books, our little kiddo ran with all his might somewhere. We hurriedly followed him and he was shouting ice cream, ice cream! Now, we knew why he was running, he jumped and pressed his face into the glass display, looking intently on the different flavors.

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I had no choice but to dine in, ordered two flavors, the Bubblegum Pink and their best seller, Ferrero Chocolate gelato. Both were sweet and yummy as per the kids since the grown-ups didn't order anything because we all had too much sugar from our lunch and myself from the Milk Tea I had devoured just a few minutes ago.

Ambiance wise, it was really simple and greeny, what I meant was that their interior design has a lot of artificial grasses and there's even an artificial apple tree at the center with fruits of course and Christmas gift boxes because of the Christmas season.

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Staff were really helpful and accommodating, from providing us with free service water too and offered we could get different flavors in a cup if there's another order. But unfortunately, two cups was enough. Pricing, by the way, is Php 70 for the smallest serving, 90 for the medium one and 120 for the biggest.

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Perhaps we were just having a great time in Giardino Gelato, we took our time taking photos and just capturing those moments when the kids were eating their gelato.

Video credits: Busyqueenphils via YouTube

That's it for now, I had fun together with the sisters in law and the kids. I will surely miss the kids again because they went back to Bohol afterward but before we ended that trip, we were given a chance to check the Under the Sea Themed Christmas Park Cake Dome’s stunning digital theater which was free of charge!

Thank you for reading! Tell me more about your favorite restaurants!



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