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To watch film and to download movies are one of the entertainments of the world’s individuals today. On the other hand, there are hundreds of people who would like to watch those movies to understand better their lessons they study at school or University. Hence, they refer to different sites in order to watch and download their favorite short films or longer.

 Those sites that have paved the ground for the viewers to watch films and download are limited to 2 or 3 in the world. For example, You Tube, and Film Annex are from those sites that one can both watch and download their ideal movies.

These two sites are the sites that one can not only find entertaining movies but they can find educational and news ones, too.

Film Annex, is also like You Tube. The only difference is this that on Film Annex you can find information articles in different fields about different countries written by the people of the world. For example, if one would like to know about “Building Schools In Afghanistan” or about “Afghan culture”, it’s enough to go to the search and to type some relevant letters. Then they can find different articles written by different people about that topic they would like to enhance their info.

In addition, if one would like to download an entertaining, scientific or news video, they can only type some relevant letters. Then they can have access to different kinds of that type video and would be ready for downloading.

Today, such sites like Film Annex and You Tube have eased the ways for the people of the world in order to have access to different movies. The movies with high quality an professional filming.

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