Download Videos from facebook without using any video downloaders

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How to download movies in Facebook?



I'm not used to be downloading videos before because it will only make my internet slower than slowest connection I had. I also hate when someone is downloading in the house, it's just giving me headache waiting for them to finish it for how many hours. But since I started to love bitlanders, I need to install video downloaders but some softwares I downloaded gave my computer a virus =(. So I need to reformat my computer again.

After doing it in  my computer, My friend teach me how to download with out installing any video downloaders. So I tried to do what she had told me to do. At first, I did it with chrome but it didn't work. So I tried in Mozilla and Voila! It really works in Mozilla. That's why downloading interesting videos is now my daily routine.

Its so easy! I will share how to do it guys don't worry.Though I know most of you have youtube downloader or facebook video downloader. But I'm not using any of them when I want to download videos from facebook right away. Maybe you know this also but I will still post it because I know some still don't know this and too lazy to search it on the youtube, this is for you guys. Are you ready? Here we go Let me give you an example.


  • FIRST, go to the link of the video you want to upload



  • Second, set your facebook to mobile mode

                                  Don't know how? Just change "www" to "m". check the image below.



  • Third, Save link.

                                 If your facebook is now set to mobile mode, you are now ready to download. It's easy just right click the video and then click "Save Link As". I'll show you. It should looklike this.



  • Fourth,Save it to your video library



  • Video will start downloading on your Chrome or Mozilla for a few minutes



And You're done!!!

Have fun start downloading =)




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