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Dowry correct a tragic aspect is that dowry of millions of girls due to the Virgin. For example, a 1992 report said only eight million girls in Pakistan due to dowry bin taken sitting in their houses. This is because the lower and middle pay huge dowry cannot arrange the House and unable to live greedy sons demands. Without chari many girl's, or hard labor, a job for money dowry costs engaged in the paste. Girls who do not have a job sitting in their youth against grosser live houses.

In some cases, some of the girls are in the way when it comes to youth, enthusiasm in the honour of a family are destroyed or are caught up in the cycle of the courts, prison girls go, or murder are the most evil of dowry.

In India, the situation is far worse. According to a report in the new دہلئ 3 1/2 years to bring dowry not less because of dowry, or 1059 brides were burned (which could not report incidents they are separate) a story that State in Tamil Nadu, more than half the family, killed their children to be rid of the issue of dowry, that created.

Despite the grim situation of the good servants ever empty. So sometimes that guy who has also categorically denied a news taking dowry.

Dowry in India, as well as the exhibition behind the works. Many people on the occasion of the arrival of the wedding dowry goods spread the best exposure. Especially the dowry, dowry villages to deter others, and the glory is made by. Although there are some heavy dowry to avoid chapter laws, but it may not end by legislation only social evil. For this we need to change and make up their own minds.

The bdrah ritual in order to put an end to the Government and legislation. In addition, it is also the shared responsibility of all Muslims to the steps together too.



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