Drama Serial Drama Turkey More Expensive than Korea

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Elif series that aired SCTV won high ratings since it was first greeted viewers on 30 March. Before Elif, rating Magnificent Century series at the quiz is also quite toothless.

SCTV then re-fill the broadcast schedule with the latest Turkish drama series, namely Zahra. Quiz also follow the same steps with the airing of the series Shehrazat starring the main character Magnificent Century. RCTI which had been airing Korean dramas are now beginning to be tempted to try to display the serial Turkey. The last few days, RCTI promo launch serial production of Turkey titled Indonesia, Gang Damai.

Although Korea is still warm serial fever felt in Indonesia, but the number of Korean series that aired on private TV stations began to shrink. It is predictable because he got rating is not so high. As a result, private television stations flock switching to Turkish television series, even if it costs disbursed to publish more expensive than Korean drama series.

Based on data from the Ministry of Culture of Turkey, at first serial production Turkey only costs about 35 dollars to 50 dollars (US $ 500 thousand to $ 700 thousand) per episode. But now, the budget to produce one episode alone could touch the figure of 500 dollars to 200 thousand US dollars (USD 7 million to USD 2.7 billion). Though the number of episodes Turkey can reach tens and even hundreds.

Meanwhile, the cost of buying one-hour drama series aired Turkey reached more than 5 thousand to 125 thousand US dollars (US $ 66 million to $ 1.6 billion), according to a report hurriyet daily news.com. That means, the series is the most expensive Turkish series has 100 episodes, which can be sold if the right slot reached 12.5 million US dollars (USD 166 billion).

Compare this with the Korean drama series that can be produced with a budget of at least 21,750 US dollars /USD 289 million per episode, or 435 thousand US dollars/USD 5.7 billion per episode for the drama set in history as Gu Family Book and Faith. Reported Bussiness Korea.com, which had dominated the drama Pinnocchio rating in South Korea glass screen was only sold at a price of about 280 thousand US dollars (USD 3.7 billion) per episode. So the total purchase of broadcast rights Pinnochio 20 episode drama could reach 5.6 million US dollars (USD 74 billion).

Even so, the Turkish drama series has been expanded to more than 30 countries, including the United States.

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