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Dramaducation aims to fimilarize the masses with the physics of theatre.


The goal is to educate the aspiring actors, directors and playwrights with the fundamentals of theatre and improve the quality of performing arts in our country.


The  team wants to share their passion for performing arts with the youth of the country & the idea of how a notion portrayed on a stage imprints itself directly into the subconscious of the audience. The dying medium of theatre (an integral part of an intelligent society) needs to be revived.

The Project comprises theatre workshops & other related lectures to connect the attendees with basic cultivation of stage ethics, acting skills & other presentation methods. Furthermore, presenting the entertainment hungry audience with enthralling & motivating theatre productions.

Dramaducation has collectively won more than 100 Awards in the Acting/Production/Direction Categories at national drama festivals which include the Annual LUMS Dramafest, FAST Lahore Dramafest & FAST Islamabad's 'Tamasha'.

Prominent Theartre Productions:


Rotten Pages



Akkar Bakkar 
Social Pagal

Yeh Kiya Hua 
My Friends! You're Suite 
Lend Me a Tenor 
Khel Jari Hai 
Brain Masala
Human Nature
Oliver Twist-ed 

Social Pagal '11
Behroopia '11 
Tamasha-e-Hayaat '11
Innuendo '10-'11
The Cheesa Chuss Connection '10 
Zameer '09-'10 

Here is the facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/dramaducation

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