Drawing of a Young Anime Character

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Anime- A style of Animation that originated and is still heavily centered in Japan. The word 'Anime' is based on the original japanese pronunciation of the american word 'Animation.' The stereotype of the Anime style are characters with proportionally Large eyes and Hairstyles and colors that are very Colorful and Exotic. From the Urban Dictionary.


This is my Drawing of a Young Anime Character.  In this drawing I start out with a regular pencil to sketch the Drawing.  I then use color pencils to color the Character and regular black marker to do the outline.  I finish with marker on the back ground.

I begin by sketching my outline of the Character I want to draw.  I then start to shape her by carefully shading each part of my Character. I use a pen to go over the outline to really make it stand out. Picking a point of light is very important when shading.  Make sure that you can see where the point of light is in every part that you shade. Take it slow and remember you can erase when you mess up so don’t get discouraged. Practice a few times if you need to, until you are happy with the results.

I finish by sketching in a simple background with a bright Color to make her really highlighted in the picture.  I shade the background as well. I then put a few little touch ups here and there.  That’s it all done. I sign my Art and spray with a clear coat to protect it.


What matters most is that you as the artist are happy with your work so keep working until you are.  Thanks for Watching.https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-iry-fullyhosted_003&hsimp=yhs-fullyhosted_003&hspart=iry&p=traditional+jap+music#id=1&vid=a926eb79fdc8d9f48eb6bf8c50735a26&action=view



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