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When we are children we all dream of what we'll become when we grow up.

But some of us from very early on know that we are destined to do something specific, sometimes we know what it is and sometimes we spend a lifetime in search of that "thing". Some of us let go of our dreams for more conventional lives and a very few see our dreams through to their fruition. History shows us that the few that do follow the path less traveled often change all of our lives for the better.

So why don't we all follow our dreams? We all have them, and we are certainly capable of achieving anything that we set our minds to. Is it because as we get older we think that those childhood dreams are ridiculous fantasies or truly just unattainable. In America our pre destined path starts with our education: get into the best schools this is hyper competitive even at the pre school level. After graduating from University a career that affords the opportunity to advance and make a six figure income so that we can acquire the proper material possessions and then start a family. This is the conventional path and I am absolutely not saying it's wrong. The path less traveled is a bit more difficult one because it's not as clearly defined. This is not to say that if the conventional path is chosen that its going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. Think of it as a search for a treasure, on one path you have a map and on the other you don't. One isn't going to be any easier than the other they will both be arduous there will be many challenges to over come and you will feel like giving in to temptation to take an easier rout.

Stay the course for whichever path you choose you, must never give up. You will start out with great enthusiasm and energy but may not last, don't let that stop you. Stay focused and believe in yourself and your dream, persevere the hardships because they will bear the fruit of success. Build your dream on a foundation of honor with cornerstones of integrity and can achieve the greatest of dreams 

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Paul Virtue is a life-long athlete who understands the challenge, the pain and the dream. As a personal trainer, he is able to give his clients the benefit of his experience. He turns a deaf ear to excuses and facilitates remarkable transformations. Paul believes in the power of the individual…

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