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In this occasion I´m writing from Tokyo. As I told you in some other blogs, I´m writing and working on the development of a feature film called "Green Grass".

A few month ago we met the main actor and the producer in Chili and we advance in several things, but we still need to check some others, one of them was to check the script viewing the reality of Tokyo to make everything coherent. That´s why we started to plan some other moves in the production and we decide to plan a trip to Japan, and the way that I used to finance this travel was with the Filmannex revenues that I made. For I long time i was saving the money that I made on my webTV in order to have some resources to develop my projects; a time ago I spent some in the materials and stuff for my new animation(in development) "Hon wo taberu" and a couple months ago I buy the tickets to japanese lands.

The important thing about this is that the system that FA propose us as filmmakers really works, and is really better than the one that other platforms like Youtube or Vimeo have. The reason is simple, we just need to be focused on the audiovisual and film realization in all ways, writing, commenting, uploading or sharing our own material or maybe others filmmakers material in order to make grow the Buzz Score and being picked in the Filmannex Picks (in the past Eren´s Picks). Other good point of this way to make money for the projects is that there´s no excuses or complicated systems to receive the founds, that makes everything really easy.

A time ago the slogan of FA was "Get Sponsored" and that is for real; so if you have some new project in development and material to share, maybe Filmannex could be a great platform to make your dreams come true as me in this travel to the land of the raising sun.

Well, I must keep on writing for now and looking for locations, I will keep writing about this adventure soon!

(photos of Karofuent)

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