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At night time when we are rested,we go to sleep easier and it isn’t hard to fall a sleep. This is the ideal feeling of being relaxed. When we go to sleep this way,there is a better then average chance that you will be able to dream. When your mind is at ease,we have a clear mind so we can float away into oblivion. Now there are days that we can’t sleep for one reason or another,and it will be a difficult time to dream. No one dreams all the time,because on those days you can’t dream, is because you have to much on your mind to sleep. There are many days that if you are to stressed, that since you are not at peace,the ability to have a restful sleep needed to dream will not happen. If you have a busy day,being very active, and at the end of the day all you want to do is go to sleep,there is a better then average chance you will  dream.

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