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What a beautiful life, What a beautiful think and What a beautiful event.

Even it’s  thinking is very beautiful and give our beautiful sense and calm sense without the pain.

Because nothing to that life is impossible and achieving the dream and wishes is very  easy.their people kind and realize each other they have got a heart of Gold , respect their sense of each other.

Like: cartons that always end of their story very beautiful and got their dream and their relations their contact are very near together and don’t think about anything else.

That’s a life that all know their mean.

That’s a life that all know their behave.

That’s a life that all know their quality.

That’s a life that love always win and hero.

That’s a life that all of think about good thing and always be with the rights.

That’s a life that good person always win, that’s a life that the rights person stay alive.

That’s a life that their contact relation always be with trust,love, accretion stay alive and win.

And with trust they win the war the battle and with love solve their problem.

I want to think always about the dreamy life and my dream and this is the dreamy life that all thing is beautiful the trees the houses the jungle all thing give our good sense and calm sense.

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Noorzia osmani was born in Herat, Afghanistan. she is interested to traveling and reading.

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