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Our Religion Islam is a complete Religion in which every aspect of life is clearly mentioned . That's why Islam guides us in wearing of a dress .The main point of Islamic dressing is Hijab (parda) and respect(haya) . This Hijab is applied on both ones dress and the others eye also.While selecting your dress keep in mind the Islamic point of view.

According to Islamic point of view following points are must kept in mind.
1.Fabric or cloth
2.Stitching of cloth
3.Styling of cloth
Now we will discuss all these points in detailed.
Fabric or Cloth:
Dress is not only wear to fulfill the tradition but there are many others aspects too in which the basic is to cover the body according to Islamic rules (sater poshi) .

By achieving this we have to select that type of cloth which fully and properly cover the body means it should be thick so that the body is not visible to others .Islam strictly against from show off the body . This factor also depends upon the color and print of the cloth .In closed prints fabric the body is not visible as compared to light color having small designs.

Stitching of cloth:
Whether the dress is stitched according to any design of region But it should be not to fit to the body .Islam recommend to wear lose clothes in which physical shape of body is not visible to others .

The Arabic Gaons completely fulfill this purpose.Long and broad Dupatta also hide the fitting of clothes.

Design and Styling of cloth:
The styling of cloth includes the designing of sleeves , Neck and front or back of shirts are made.

The basic purpose of wearing a dress is to hide the body so any type of designing which fulfill this purpose can be applied But any styling of dress which will a cause of exposure of body should be avoided it is against Islamic rules .


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