Dress and Its Purpose(Part 1)

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Meaning of dress:

Every  thing that we used to cover our body is known as dress .In early days people used large leaves of trees and skin of different animals to cover their body and these are known as their dress .

Gradually the people start making thread by extracting Fibers from trees and by removing hairs from the skin of animals .This thread laid the foundation of cloth and cloth was used in making dresses.

Now the dresses of many kinds , different color and patterns are available for all human beings .

  Purpose of a Dress :

There are many purposes of wearing dress .These are discussed  below one by one .

 1.Covering the Body:

The main purpose of the dress is to cover the human body . By this the dress cover the body and promote the spirit of shame, morality and honor . 

2.Safeguard from seasonal effects:

The second main purpose of a dress to cover the body from the extreme effect of seasons .With the help of the dress we can safe our body from burning by dazzling sun light in summer and from frozen cold in winter .

3.Prevention from Diseases :

Many skin diseases spread from one person to another person and these type of diseases infect other person by only passing near by it .If the body is not covered than the germs of these diseases directly attack one another and it would be a cause of a spreading fatal diseases .If the body is covered than germs stop on the surface of cloth and hence we will be safe from many skin diseases .


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