Drinking cold water harmful How?

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Many people have the habit of drinking cold water or ice water every day, especially when the weather is hot, but do not know they will be harmful to health.
1. Preventing Digestive

According to The Health Site, cold water, especially ice will shrink the blood vessels. This can slow down the digestive process, the body does not absorb food properly, causing indigestion, even dehydration.

2. To reduce the effect of the nutrient

Normal temperature is 37 degrees body C. So, when you drink ice water, your body must consume energy to regulate temperature, affecting the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients .

3. Increased risk of sore throat

Cold water can cause the buildup of the lining of the respiratory tract. When this lining becomes blocked, respiratory infections and very increased risk of throat pain. In addition, cold water also reduces the activity of the gland secretion, causing dry, sore, sore throat.

4. Reduced heart rate

Studies have shown that drinking cold water stimulates the vagus nerve. This is the cranial nerves that control 10 involuntary activities of the body (convulsions, seizures, irregular heartbeat ...). When excited, they will reduce heart rate, increase blood pressure, heart muscle.

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