Driving with refrigerator 18 mph speed

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United States - In America today sold a refrigerator that can be used to tune the ride and the music.

Stop in the middle of the road to buy a cold drink can slow the course. Not to mention the ice cubes in a drink that was a long time will mencair.Minuman was no longer cold. However, now there is a solution to the problem, namely Kreweser.

As reported by the Mirror, Kreweser is a vehicle in the form of an electric motor cooling. Space on the vehicle's cooling completely separated from motor vehicle bodies and components. The space can hold up to 96 beverage cans plus ice cubes or about 89 liters.

In the United States, Kreweser sold for 649 dollars. The vehicle was driven by a 500 Watt power the wheels nap. Part wheel and frame can be folded and stored in the trunk or the back of the car.

Besides promising "a smooth ride and quiet", the manufacturer also provides a package Kreweser Pump Up the Jams for those who want to hold a 'party' in the trip. The package has two marine grade speakers measuring 6.5 inch 165 Watt. The package is also equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

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