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Drug abuse is the self administration of a drug for non medical purpose. Drug abuse is mainly done to get pleasure and to relieve anxiety and depression.

Drug abuse is a great challenge and one of the biggest problems for health authorities. It is spreading day by day and is present in almost all countries of the world. The developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and many western countries are badly infected by drug abuse. In Asian countries the most common drugs used for abuse are morphine and cocaine and in western countries purified cocaine is used.

Drug abuse effects health of user badly. Both physical and mental health starts destroying.If the abuser is economically stable be can afford well his drugs but if he is poor he will try to get his drug on every cost for which he starts thieving and different types of crimes. His social health is indirectly destroyed slowly and gradually he gets apart from society. When he does not gets the drug he does not care for anything as a result he becomes risky and dangerous.

In every country government has banned the selling of these drugs to every one. But still it is challenge to control it.

U.S.A and some western countries are the leading in fight against the drug abuse. In conclusion drug abuse is preventable if the person himself becomes interested in stopping this and if he gets the full support of his family friends and society.

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