Drug Addiction

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Today, people  are use drug regularly....Drug addicted person feeling unhappy.annoyed,and.unsatisfied


 The drug addicted man all the time nervous and not speak politely to other....His always talk abusive to other.


 Woman are victim to these  drugs.....she feel not satisfied and feel unhappy....These drug addicted  women   not care our children and husband properly....she has not proper take care our children.....she fight all the time to our husband so at the end ,she take dangerous step...she has lost all the family...she has lonely and destroy our whole life....

Man are also victim of these drugs...He has not proper take care of family and nervous all the time...so drug addiction  man abuse talk all the time to our children ..These element not good impact on  environment  in home.


Today, children also take drugs... Their mind full with bad ideas like stole things and one day he become a thief.

Drug addict man have physically  and internally week.he become useless and forget our past...he has no work and feel weakness.. some man take sensual drug and relax our mind and body  .....These medicine give benefit  to man....

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