Dubai the best place to visit in Middle East

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Dubai is the beautiful city of United Arab Emirates it is totally developed and is full of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Even the tallest building of the world is also in Dubai and the name of the tallest building of the world is “Burj Khalifa”. Dubai has so much to offer to its visitors, one can fall in love with this beautiful city. It’s one of the emirates of seven emirates that make United Arab Emirates, well Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two main emirates that have veto power over the serious issues of the country. Dubai is the live example of development and how it has developed over all these years even many European companies invested in Dubai because they have seen the development rate of Dubai. Dubai has set its name around the world because of its building and infrastructure that has changed the whole scenario of Dubai. Dubai has world’s best hotels and shopping malls. Dubai’s hotels are considered as the 2nd most expensive hotels in the world after Genève. Even Dubai has won bid for the world expo 2020. Even Dubai is also considered as the best place to live in Middle East by an American firm. Dubai has not only established its image as best in infrastructure development but also in case of women. Dubai and United Aran Emirates are considered as the best countries for women rights. Being a Muslim country the majority of people are Muslim but they are very supportive with women rights. Dubai hasn’t underestimated the rights of a women and that’s the reason why it came as the country that totally supports women. If you want to visit a good Arabian city you must visit. The hotels are also very comfortable and will give the best experience. This city has that charisma and charm that you will remember lifelong.

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