Dudipatsar Lake - Pakistan

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Most of the people coming to Kaghan Valley stick to Naran & Lake Saiful Maluk. They don't go further. There are several beautiful Lakes in this valley, which should not be missed. Dudipatsar Lake is one of them. According to many it is far more beautiful than Lake Saiful Maluk. 

Dudipatsar means "White Lake", because most of the year it is covered with ice. Ice melts for a couple of months during end of July till September. So best time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake is Late July till September. 

There are several Ways to reach Dudipatsar Lake but the easiest one is from Behsal (Besal) via Mulla ki Basti. You should leave early from Naran.. Then you'll go to Behsal (Besal) on Jeep. Its max. 2 hours journey. From Behsal its approx. 7-8 hours trek to Dudipatsar Lake. From here you can hire a guide as well as Horses. Guide will take around Rs. 2000/- per day & same for the horse. In the start of the trek there is a narrow way. A couple of glaciers also come on the way. Then path widens up. After approx. 6 hours trek comes "Mulla Ki Basti". A small village where you can get something to eat. But it is recommended to carry packed food with you. For here its approx. 2 hours further hike to Dudipatar Lake. Some people camp & relax here & go to the lake next morning. Some direct go to the lake & finally relax there. It is advisable to stay at Mulla ki basti and go to the lake next morning. From here 2 hours hike to the lake is relatively hard, because rocks are steep.

But when You finally reach at the lake, you wouldn't complaint for the hardship. It is very beautiful. In August - September, partially snow covered Mountains around the lake give a very view. Waters are not very deep but cold. You can bring kit & do fishing. Delicious Trout fish is found here.


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