Duty is worship

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Duty should be given prime importance. If we work with dedication and honesty, we will be rewarded abundantly by God. Some people work with the sole aim of selfish ends. they do not bother to think of those who come in their way and do every thing to remove them. Such people do not succeed and are defeated by their own karma. If we do our duties with zeal and devotion, if we just take into consideration others who are around us, and spread love and joy, then no one will be able to hurt us. This is a fact. Angels protect those who are innocent at heart. 

Be blessed and spread joy. Smile now and pray a moment to thank HIM for all the gifts you have now. 

Today morning, I got up late and while washing dishes, I thought why I alone have too much work and not able to do what I love most- writing-Then I looked around and it seemed as if somebody reminded me- what a lovely place I had to live- remember the bushman, remember the Eskimo. So, I stopped ranting and thanked God. When we look around, we will realize that we have so much more and do not realize the value of our life. 

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