Duty to the Earth and GOD

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PeaceHello all ! here is IMRAN in front of You .......
There is lot of Anger , Jealous, Betray in Today Life.
God Made us a free and to Love with Each Other.
He Made a Heaven on Earth for his Creation But these Bad Things are Running us, our Relations and our Earth.
I and You all are so busy in our daily routines that We don't Bother to Change this one and to Turn back our Earth to a Beautiful Place to Live in.
Ind People n this sense to Save our Earth a thought an Idea and wanna share it with you. The Idea is that Take Your Cell Phone , Make a Video , speak about you, tell the good things about your country , your people and give a good message to your Audience that you want Peace not Hate and Publish it on the Internet .......
Here You Have Payed your Duty to the Earth and the God.
God will surely be Happy with you :)

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