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Welcome People of BitLanders!! To My All time favorite PC Game, THE SIMS! Whoop whoop! NellShaOza here! Today I'm going to tour you on the wonderful and exciting world of SIMS. Where in you choose whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever you are :D Brace yourself because the fun is Absolutely coming! Enjoy! ~


The Sims is a life simulation video game series, developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The franchise has sold nearly 200 million copies worldwide, and it is one of the best-selling video games series of all time

-The Sims via Wikipedia

EA maxis and Electronic Arts are known for their High Quality simulation game/ 3D Gaming. This includes games like Spore, Sim City, Sim City 4, Sim City 2000, Sim Ant, Sim Tower, Darkspore, SimEarth and many more.

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Video Source: The Sims 2 Intro via The Name Of The Game For Me Youtube Channel

Did you know that? Simlish is the language of the Sims. It is assumed that Simlish is the official language of SimNation.

-Sims via sims.wiki 


The Sims is like what we do everyday in our life. We feel hungriness, sleepiness, tired, irritation, stink and everything, Well Sims also feels that. Sims are demanding and spoiled creatures thats why the game itself has the Sims Mood Meter where in you could see all their needs. The Picture below is from Sims 3.

Image Source. How to make your Sims' Needs Full via Wikihow

Green means they are fully satisfied with the given needs while Orange is where in their needs is slowly fading in not-satisfied-mood and the Red one when they really need to fulfill their needs. These 6 Specific Meter selections are listed below.

Hunger Meter - When they get Hungry, you need to feed them by clicking the Refrigerator/Grill/Stove for them to cook their food (Either Hamburger, Footlong, Cereal, Chef Salad, Steak, Mac and Cheese, Omellete and many more - This will vary if your Sims ideal skills is cooking) You can also call Deliveries for food (Chinese Food, Pizza and Groceries)

Bladder Meter - When they feel full and something is coming out from them. Use the Bathroom toilet by clicking it and giving the instruction to do his/her wants. But when you didn't let them to do their needs, This may cause for them to pee somewhere where they are.

Energy Meter - This may occur when they had a very long day or when their sleeping time is not enough (Just like with people :D) Its either you make them nap in couches or sleep directly in a bed. If you didn't let them to do it immediately, They might fall asleep in where they are ~

Social Meter - People are social machine, just like Sims. They need someone who can they have conversation with, they need some Sims to be their buddies to stay alive. Failed to fulfill their social needs may cause them go crazy.

Image Source: The Sims 4 via game-debate.com and thesims.com

Hygiene Meter - Who doesn't stinks? Better watch this needs because when you failed to, Your Sims will be hanging around with stinky green gas around them and other Sims will stay away. You wouldn't like that to happen right?

Fun Meter - Boredom can strike anyone, Even You, Me, Them and Sims hehe Without fun they do not have the motivation to follow what you want them to do and they just don't give anything about it. Better make them play for their meter to increase again (Computer games, Play station, VR Box, Play Ground, Watch TV and so on)

Image Source: The Sims 1,2,3 and 4 via Pinterest

In Sims 1, Needs are very fast to decrease and to increase. For Example, I decided to complete the task for me to make other task but because of the needs capability, My time for other things has lessen in short the whole time I'm playing The Sims 1, I just keep on making the needs to increase and that's kind of making my game play boring.

In Sims 2, I really like the second part of The Sims because of their very reasonable needs dropping and lifting. When I do the Need Go-Green-Meter, I'm excited for it for the reason of I know that it will last long for me to do a lot of things. Unlike Sims 1, Sims 2 is more focus in exploring other things and places than fulfilling the needs.

In Sims 3, Its up to you how their needs will be functioning. it is based from their Everyday Routine like if you want them to be productive and away from sleepy head mood, You better make them a Fitness type of sims and so on.

In Sims 4, needs are very critical,like when you repeatedly starved them, they would die. if you keep on not making their needs fulled, They might be get stubborn and for you to have difficult commanding them.



Image Source: Sims Life Span via i.ytimg.com

Most Exciting Part of the Game! and also the one who I am curious about, wondering what do they look like when they grow, What would be their Personality and aspirations. My Favorite part, Transition of Ages. The Sims 1 doesn't have any transitional stage, When you're young then you will stay like that in the entire game play (Don't complain, The first part always be the trying stage) 

However, The next 3 parts (The Sims 2, 3 and 4) has a very fun transitional phase. For Sims 2, Baby to Toddler to Child to Teenager to Adult to Elder. For Sims 3 and 4, Same as the Sims 2 but just one additional stage, between Teenager and Adult - it is the Young Adult.

It's fun to see those little Sims which I intentionally made by Woohoo or Make a Baby (Sims term for make love) to grow up into an adult. It's like raising your own child in the view of a Simulation which I think looks real.



Building house through out all the Sims Series is wonderful and mood uplifting, Designing of your own house is always one of the enjoying thing you would do. The Sims 1 has a very nice and cute structure of house materials and furniture. The Sims 2 is much more amusing than the 1, When you make a house you can really build and design what do you like your house to come up with, even the Sims 3 and 4 which I think is more detailed and usable (almost all of the part of the house is operational)

If you are an architect and you want to have a 3D model of your house, You can use Sims to build it ~ Easy and Fast! Design it with all the feature you want to input in your dream house and Sims will make it happen for you ~


Image Source: Sims 1,2,3 and 4 via interior24.eu/pinterest/youtube/sims.wiki

I am currently playing The Sims 2 and it is my favorite game but when I saw the Graphics of Sims 3, I was really amaze and no doubt, I am really ready to install and play it through out my free time - So if anyone here in BitLanders know a website where in I can install Sims 3, Tell me and I'll be very thankful for your kindness ^_^

One of the Signs you're addicted to Sims - You think that, Building a house in the Sims is the Most Therapeutic thing any game has to offer.

-18 signs you're addicted to Sims via needfindknow.com



Image Source: Creating a Sims 1,2,3,4 via giantbomb/skysims2/jennabraysimschannel/Simplyapril

Next to Building Houses, This part is one of the most detailed. The Customization of Creating Sim has been evolving through out the entire Sims.

From the Sims 1 which is the plain and non-personalize character (the player will just click either left or right to choose what Gender in what Hair,face,clothes and personality) Its plain but kinda okay for me. Next is

In Sims 2, The Sims feature are level up in a sense of you can already choose what kind of face structure (Eyes, Nose, Forehead, Lips and so on) you want your seems to have. Even the clothes are much cooler and pretty decent than before.

However when it comes in Sims 3, I felt like it is somehow similar with some Dress up games out there in Internet. Not really amazing, Its cheap in built and there's a lot to enhance in  graphics. Some people in some forums about Sims 3 also observed this, It was a little bit disappointing actually

While the Sims 4 comes with a very realistic feature. As you can see in the 4th photo, Its cute and has a lot of details (You can really make a Sims which really does look who you want to make it looks like)


 Image Source: via Starecat.com 


My Experience in Sims might not be enough for me to tour you in the big world that a Sim has but I think that this is sufficient for me to elaborate all the facts that the revolution of Sims walked to. From how their Needs changes in each series, how their Life Aging Span became more visible and realistic when it comes in gaming, The building and constructing of house and of course the creativity we will be exploring in Creating a Sim.

My most favorite among the 4 is The Sims 2. It's been my buddy since I was a little child whose still curious about things around us, Sims taught me how to be organized in constructing a family, It teaches me to bare things and understand human needs. I really Thanks Sims for helping my mind to have a wonderful mindset. 

Video Source: The Sims Comparisons via Nostalgia Nerd Youtube Channel


So if it's your first time to play Sims you better be good and make the most out of it. When in times of boredom your Sims is waiting for you to help them :D

Another Fun Blog for everyone! ~ 


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