Earn $1+ a day by Just unlocking your phone everytime ! i.e earn for nothing {proof}

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Today.. I'll be revealing one of the great method to earn $1+ per day without doing anything by just unlocking your android phone.

....Yeah !! Don't be strange!

it's a Great Locker app where you simply earn when you wake up your phone..

if u are a pattern lover u can have it too as a second lock by default but I recommend disable it!

Remember Join using Given Links to get instant 1$.

Now, Steps to Earn :-

1) Click Here < Open this Link

2) Now page will ask you to choose your account type be sure to choose CASH type.

Note : Hero/Donation type will not earn you a penny.. so Don't be a Hero we're earners

2) Aftet that, Sign Up using Facebook or your email.

3) Verify your E-mail.

4) Now download the Slidejoy app from the Play store or Click Here to Download Apk

5) Install the app. Then, Login.

You're done..!



Don't worry.. Here's the method..

Download Simple Cover Lock from PlayStore or Click Here to Download Apk

This app automatically increase your earnings as it automatically locks your phone when you cover your proximity sensors..

So, use your flip cover or just flip your phone randomly and get Cha-Ching !!

Payment Processors : Paypal and Square Cash $

Payment Proof:


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