Earn 20% more Revenues on bitLanders - step by step

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How to Earn 20% more Revenues on bitLanders through Affiliate Program:

Step 1) - Go to www.bitLanders.com and make an account by connecting your Facebook account.


Step 2) - Click on “Earn More” from the "gear" menu on the top of the page, or click on this link: http://www.bitlanders.com/get-referrals

Step 3) Invite friends and get referrals:

A) Enter your friends email address and click on "SEND INVITES";

B) Copy your referral link and send it to your friend or post it on other websites;

C) You can also embed your Buzz button in your blogs and websites to gain more Buzz.

Step 4) - Check the state of your referrals.

You can see your referrals state such as their name/email, current buzz score, registration data, and your 20% referral revenue in the "Bonus earned"!


On bitLanders, you can earn more revenues via bitLanders Affiliate Program by inviting friends to join the platform. bitLanders give you 20% of the revenues generated by your affiliates (your affiliates get 100% of their revenues). The non-users who register on bitLanders through your referral link become one of your affiliates.


Withdraw your Revenues on bitLanders through Paypal or Bitcoin:

You can purchase a bitLanders instaPayment in the shop. With bitLanders instaPayment, you can choose to turn your earnings into:

- Paypal credit starting from $10, to be transferred on your Paypal account,

- Bitcoin credit starting from 0.025 BTC, to be sent to your Bitcoin wallet.


Register on bitLanders through my referral link: http://www.bitlanders.com/register?c=gr234234__273046__0__0

- Ellyn - Subscribe to me on http://www.bitLanders.com/Ellyn