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Back in time, I did not know that the internet was going to be a huge source of resources and entertainment covering the whole world.

It´s been more than 15 years since I first knew the internet existed and I´m still learning on ways to make a living online. The clue to make a living online is by subscribing to the sites that pay for doing tasks online and filling out surveys.

Every person is an expert at doing something that he/she finds interesting. Let it be writing, designing, repairing, selling, interviewing, you namke it.......The keyword is that anybody can fit in the online world. Nowdays, there are companies that pay users for doing tasks and filling out surveys. All of this from the comfort of your home and using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Let´s pretend that Jose Juan has decided to try and make a living from working online. Jose Juan needs to register to a site that offers doing tasks and filling surveys online while earning money. By signing up and beginning to work at only one site, Jose Juan is not goping to fullfill his dream of economic self reliance; however, if Jose Juan joins three or more sites that pay, Jose Juan will be making a substancial income for only one or two hours of work.

What if Jose Juan has a familly whom to support. Ok! Jose Juan then needs to sign up to more sites and work more hours. Overall. Jose Juan can make as much as he wants, given he subscribes to sites that pay and works hard at the doing tasks.


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