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Earn at Home through Computer

Hello friends

Like me there would be millions of persons wanting to earn from home and who got negligible computer knowledge or soft wear background.

Since I myself is a student who is exploring ways to earn from home, the contents of this blog may please NOT be considered as 'authority'.

I would be much grateful if you all please give your input enabling all of us to get enlightened from your experience. And above all we have to do this just for the benefit of the humanity.

As far as my findings, so far, are concerned, they are as under:

  1. Do not search from Google, the ways to earn from home - because it is very difficult for the persons like us, I mean the beginners,  to differentiate between genuine and non genuine ones. Since there are lots of 'Scams' flooding the internet and Google Search.
  2. The second best thing - rather the First Best thing a beginner can do is to join "bitlanders". the safest and the easiest way to start earning from home.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNI6fBwiaXI
  3. The third and the Second Best thing (which will become the First Best as we proceed) one can do is to open an account with Gmail and then start posting some video stuffs (of course the original ones and not copied from other sites) in You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzhAegAuH7k
  4. The Third way to earn to do the jobs at home given or posted by the freelancer sites, such as www.peopleperhour.com/‎ or https://www.freelancer.com/ etc. etc.

Now the above are my very initial findings and I will be very grateful if someone teaches us the more easy and definite ways to earn from home, for the benefit of millions waiting for their guidance.

My research is underway, shall keep on posting my findings.

Till then Bye.

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