Earn Bitcoins in Different Ways

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What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is digital money, and people earn of the same ways that you would earn the traditional money. people who can,t program their own (apps) to make money online is through blogging.

So becoming a successful blogger can often be a very long and slow process. You will need build up an audience, and develop relationships with advertisers to earning through blogging.

Earning (Bitcoin) through blogging is no more difficult that earning any other kind of money. you just do two things that you will need just right monetization strategy to make money online bitcoin.

Earn Free Bitcoins Websites


Hands down my favorite faucet. Payouts tied to (US$200) worth of Bitcoin, so it fluctuates up and down with the price of Bitcoin. Payouts, 318 satoshis to .318BTC and Timing, Hourly.


Bitlanders which will reward you in bitcoin for your contributions on the sites, you just written blog posts, videos and other things to earn bitcoin. and that is the easiest way to start earning bitcoin by blogging.


How To Earn Bitcoins

How to earn bitcoin from your blog, Important thing to remember about creating any kind of content monetization strategy for earning digital currency bitcoin. and this strategy best for your content and your blog traffic.

Let,s Example
Website is a blog that publishes long posts, which take a while to read. and some visitors may want to check out more than one of the sites linked to in a post they are leave the blog.

It is great to earn bitcoin from blogging and there are many ways you can do that profitably, but you should not turn down $(1), earnings just to make to $0.10 cents.

The reason I’m emphasizing that point is that Google ad-sense is almost always going to be among-st the most profitable monetization options for a blog. so don,t discount the money that you could make from it to work exclusively with digital currency, you earn a good profit.

There is no point wringing every last (Satoshi) out of every visitor who comes to your blog if it means that they never come back again.

A satoshi is currently the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin, or 0.00000001BTC. 1,000 satoshis would is 0.00001000BTC.


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