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Want to know which way the marketing is going to go next? Of course! Sure, knowing the market is going to up is helpful… but only if you know where to invest.  

While big mutual funds will plow millions of dollars into large-cap stocks, you don’t have to.  In fact, you can ride their coat-tails to bigger gains in record time. All it takes is using a little strategy called a “pick and shovel” play.

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Every one of these large-cap companies does business with smaller companies. Maybe it’s some type of specialized glass like Corning makes for Apple’s iPads and iPhones. Maybe it’s Amazon or Google ordering graphic chips like NVIDA makes for their Smartphones. The point is, these mega-companies buy needed supplies and components from small companies… which grows the smaller company’s bottom line and makes their stock even more valuable.

But the amazing part is, these small companies – we’re talking multi-million dollar companies that look tiny if they’re compared to large companies like Amazon or Google  – aren’t getting their prices driven up by fund managers. They’re too small and the fund managers would worry about being accused of price fixing too if they went and bought $10 million worth of shares in a day.

But their loss is your gain.

I’m not kidding. The Russell 2000 index focuses on the stock market performance for 2000 publicly-traded small companies. Their recent 10 year return was amazing — their worst performing index during that time delivered “only” a return of 23%!

So forget about what the talking heads on CNBC or Fox News say: Smaller companies are definitely profitable to trade. And if you target correctly, then they’re insanely profitable to trade.

That’s why I’m really happy to have discovered Jeff Avery. You see, he’s developed a system to identify these under-the-radar small companies before they take off.

While the average investor repeats mantras like “the market has averaged an 8% return for decades” to themselves until they believe them, you don’t have to.  Not when Jeff’s system delivers double-digit and triple-digit gains like clockwork — over 23 of them in the last 2 years alone.

>> Just check out this video right here.

And best of all, it requires very little capital and limited risk to tap into their profit potential.

The downside? Even with the power of modern computers, Jeff’s system is extremely time-consuming for him to execute. He spends dozens of hours each week analyzing stocks, doing research, and watching current market trends.

It’s so time-consuming that he’s only able to make one stock recommendation in a given week.

>> Just check out this video right here and Jeff will explain how his system works.

Of course, that one stock is positioned beautifully for a future breakout. And when it does… well, you can thank Jeff and me later.

>> Just check out this video right here.


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