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Asalam Alikum everyone!! We all want to make some money and that why you all here

so let’s begin

Most of you are not professional in online money making like YouTube, google add seen account and most of you also don’t have any experience in graphic designing   or html or java So I have a way through which all of you can make money in months. We all spend our most of our times in using Facebook Instagram or twitter but these websites don give you any money. You upload your photos, videos, you comment like and share but don’t get an money so mara pass ak asa tarika ha jis sa ap ko in sab kamo ka pasa mila gan .AND IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU ARE PAKISTANI or 18-  YOU CAN RECIVE MONEY  IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OR BY WESTERN union .


The website is called TSU. It gives u money on each share like comment post ……


It availed on play store and ISO

Steps to open account

1) Log in your account but you need reference or short code to enter

2) Type FAWADJAVED (with no space) there as you are making your account with my reference

3) Type your real name as you will be receiving money by that name.

4) Download the application as it is easy to use

5) When u have marked your account go to settings and click privacy

6) Check the Accepts tsu peer to peer payment

7) Increase your friends and followers post organic content and we will make 10k in a month or two.

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