Earn From Skype

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How it works :-

Sign up and install our software on your computer. Sendsey will automatically send ad messages of our advertisers to your skype friends list and credit money to your account.
As a partner of our advertising network, you get 4 cents for each message sent to every of person in your skype friends list. For example, if you have 1000 friends in your skype, then for each ad message sent to them, 40$ will be credited to your account. Our software will do everything for you on autopilot! All you need to do, is run Skype and Sendsey programs on your computer.

You will be paid half a penny for each ad message sent to skype friends of your refferals - 10 levels deep!

You will be paid through these payment systems: Perfectmoney and Payeer. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 3$.




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