Earn Money through PTC Sites

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What is PTC Site?

  • Paid-To-Click or PTC websites pay you for each and every click.

  • The advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website and a part of this payment goes to website platform and other goes to viewer.


  • Before Signing up for PTC Account on a specific site,check either you can draw money or not through your specific Debit/ATM Card from that site,means that check if that site support your specific Bank Account like Paypal,MasterCard,Visa etc

  • Inquire about the website,if it is fake or not.

  • Be active on PTC site to earn money.

  • The more sites and ads you see,the more you earn money.

  • Be sure about each and every site from which you are going to start earning.

How to determine a scam website?

  • PTC site has many levels to upgrade.

  • PTC site has misspellings on its site.

  • PTC sitedoes not have a process of PayPal payment.

  • PTC site looks bad in graphic designing.

How to Earn from PTC?

  • Sign up first.

  • Link your PTC account to your Bank Account.

  • Start opening links and viewing ads and websites.

  • You will be rewarded with money.

  • You can earn enough money in a month by working 2-4 hours daily.

Best PTC Sites:

  • www.trafficmonsoon.com

  • www.neobux.com

  • www.paidverts.com

  • www.scarlet-clicks.info

  • www.easyhits4u.com

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