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Many people have asked me why I was not so active lately and I need to tell that I was busy in making more money online. This is not a spam or scam that says "Make this and this much in a day". Believe me, I am more cautious than you are when it comes to "EARN MONEY ONLINE" because I have seen so many fraud websites and I not only wasted my precious time, but also wasted some money. This is natural that "once bitten, twice shy". Had it not been for my friend from India, I would have never learnt about this amazing website. It is REAL money and it DOES pay as well (See the proof of my withdrawal below). CLICK HERE AND FIRST REGISTER and contact me if you need any help. As you can see that, my withdrawal is only yesterday and it was because I wanted to make sure this is legit system and that I have proof that this is not scam and now I am satisfied.

I will not drag much to create a suspense and prolong this blog. I will first define what it is and how you can make money on this website, and at the end, I will tell you where to go and sign up. So, read this in details, understand it and become a subscriber to earn real money, every day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month - simple as that. I would request you not to sign up on your own but go for a REFERRER because you will need the help throughout your first 10-15 days. If you don't have a referrer, you might not be able to understand it fully and might not do what your referrer would teach you - step-by-step.

Ok, let me start! First, you got to sign up. Registration is simple as other websites have. After the registration, you need to fund an amount. You need to pay $10 per month subscription charges and they are non-refundable. So, you will first pay $10 for subscription. Then, you will have to invest amount of money you can afford or would start off with a small amount to see if this is real - if you are satisfied, you might invest more. Ideally, I would invest $500 (USD) so that I am able to withdraw $100 per day after 25 days.

The system works on Revenue Sharing basis. It is a RevShare project. A RevShare (Revenue Share) site is a site where the owners share the revenues earned through ads. You invest, for example, 3 dollars. After 3 days, you earn a 20% increase on it while clicking on 10 ads everyday. If you don't click on 10 days or you forget, you might lost the share that day. So, if you invest $3, you will earn 60 cents in three days. There are 5 different tiers. Tier one offers you 50 ads of $3 dollars. You can buy a maximum of 50 ads per day, not more than that. It costs you $150. Similarly, they have ads that cost you $7, $15, $30 and $50. When you reach to 50 ads from tier 1 and 50 ads on tier 2, that's the point from where you can earn $100 a day.

You can use Bitcoins (I prefer bitcoins because it is easy, and withdraw does not take more than 1 day), STP (Solid Trust Pay), Payeer, and Payza.

I can not write the whole process here as it will be too long to read and boring for you. Just CLICK HERE AND FIRST REGISTER and then send me a message if you still need any help with understanding this system. I will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you!

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