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In BuxVertise you have a serious opportunity to make constant earnings day after day. Buxvertise is one of the best PTC on the market with very high quality Rented Referrals.
For example, when you are eternity member, if you rent a 100RR pack all 100RR click everyday with AVG always over your BEP!
In Buxvertise you have a lot opportunity to earn. With mini games like GRID or Wheel Of Bux you can take advantage winning dollars, points, or deposit bonuses. For example Deposit Bonuses are useful when you have to invest money for upgrade account of simply rent referrals.
Buxvertise is used by more and more users who find in it a valuable tool to make a valid and useful earn without having to invest astronomical sums as in other PTC. In the buxvertise forum you find a successful stories, proof of payments, that occurring accurate and timely and a valid and trusted strategies.


Here I will get a good example of one strategy that you can safely use for earning day after day.
If you have an intention to earn in Buxvertise follow this steps:
First you need to upgrade to Eternity Monthly (for 35$). With Eternity your and referrals clicks worth double and Rented Referrals quality is extremely high.

Turn Autopay ON
IMPORTANT! View your Advertisements Everyday! This is necessary for Referrals click accreditation next day!
So began to rent first RR packages and you'll see that all click everyday (a dream in other PTC).
After around 45 days of activity RR stop click. You can recycle them and will click all again.
Here a Recycle Strategy; (1) If RR that stop click have an AVG over 3 recycle them. (2) If RR that stop click have AVG under 3 let it expire.
···· With This Strategy your AVG WILL ALWAYS BE A LOT ABOVE BEP!
With this simple strategy you can build quickly your account with small and honest investment. 

Have a Good Day!
Buxvertise Rocks! Is Absolutely one of The Best PTC in Market.

For example with 5000 Rented Referrals you can easily earn over 300$ a Month!

Seeing is believing ;)

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