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Marketglory Earn Money

24 Ekim 2013 Perşembe

Market Glory Earn Real Money

Don’t get discouraged with low earnings in the beginning this is natural.

Understanding Earnings Local currency is converted to gold and gold is converted to Euros which may be cashed out.

Valuation of currencies 1.00 local currency = .025 Euro 1.00 gold currency = .275 Euro This is based on current currency conversions and may vary slightly by country and as the game progresses.

Earning calculations Work =productivity*amount/1000. Example 5(productivity)*92.00(amount)/1000(total productivity possible) = .46 local currency. To increase earnings you must increase productivity. Work Bonus = productivity*amount/1000. Example 5(productivity)*475.00(amount)/1000(total productivity possible) = 2.375 local currency. To increase earnings you must increase productivity. This bonus is paid when you work 3 days in a row. Fight Bonus = energy*amount/100. Example 10 (energy)*10.00 (amount) /100 (max energy) = 1.00 To increase earnings you must increase energy. These earnings are paid if your county has the funds to pay them. (most countries maintain enough funds)

Progression To progress as fast as possible you should set a time when you can accomplish these task and do them daily. The tasks to complete are as follows.

1. Fight 10 fights 2. Work every day 3. Buy high quality milk before work and fights when you have the funds. 4. Buy Newspapers before work and fights when you have the funds. 5. Buy clothing the highest quality possible when you have the funds.

At this point you should have an understanding of the game and making a decent profit. It is possible at this point to be earning 20.00 of your local currency each day which is about .5 Euros daily.

Referrals I have had a lot of question on this from my referrals wonder why I encourage activity so much. I decided to list the benefits.

• Referral Bonus • Affiliate Points • Taxes from player • Additional exp gain

Let me start this off by explaining unless your referral meets certain qualifications every day you will not get these bonuses. Some of the bonuses last a set amount of time and all referrals expire after 90 days unless you extend them for .80 euro every 30 days.

Referral bonus is calculated = energy of referral * bonus / 100. Example 2 (energy) * 3g (bonus) /100 (max energy) = .06g daily. To qualify for this bonus your referral must have more than 1 energy, work, and fight daily. Energy is calculated at 11:30 server time and bonus is paid at 12:00.

Affiliate Points are calculated = .1 points for every day a player is active meaning 5+ fights and working daily. These are only good from the 21st of any given month until the 20th of next month. They do not continue past the 20th. This means if a referral signs up on the 19th you can earn .2 affiliate points. If a referral signs up on the 21st you can receive up to 3 affiliate points. These points have had an average of .5 Euros each for the last 2 months. This means if a referral signs up on the 21st of the month you could earn 1.5 euro if they are active every day.

Taxes from the player can be anywhere from 10-20%. That means each time a referral earns something you could earn up to 20% of their earnings. The percentage is based off the amount of energy you have. If you have 100 energy you will receive 20% of their earnings.

Additional exp gain is a new feature placed in the game just days ago. It allows you to earn up to a max of 3 exp. To earn 3 exp from working instead of .07 you must have 5 active referrals. To be considered active these players must fight, work, and have energy greater than 1. This is a great benefit as it allows you to progress faster.

Companies Companies are not the best invest unless your country has a need for a certain product and you have a lot of Euros to invest. Do not open your free company unless there is a need for jobs in your county. It’s a waste at the beginning of your game play and only beneficial later. Once you use a free company you will have to pay the renewal fee in Euros so save it for later. Focus on making yourself a great worker and fighter.

Increasing Stats The stats are energy, experience, knowledge, and productivity.

Energy is the main stat to focus on increasing as it counts for work and fights and is the cheapest to maintain. You can start getting energy as cheap as .05 which you should earn from your first fight. Energy is not permanent as any stat in the game. Energy decreases by 5% each hour 10% per fight and 50% when you work. This means energy will be a constant expense. Even though energy is a constant expense this does not mean well priced energy products aren’t profitable. In fact they are very profitable and why I recommend getting them as early as possible.

Experience is a stat that you will build up with time. Experience can be purchased but if you do not want to invest it is still possible to get and maintain up to 1,000 experience for free just by working daily. You can increase it faster by reading the referral section. Experience decreases by .3% daily.

Knowledge is a super beneficial stat and I would recommend it when you have the proper funds. What are the proper funds? Well that is a little harder to explain. Experience between 1 and 300 will decrease by .2 points a day. To maintain this rate you must buy at least 1 low quality book each day. To profit from knowledge you must have more than 50. I would recommend getting to a higher level of knowledge then this to see a better profit. Don’t invest in knowledge until you have at least 100 gold to spare and at least 3g extra daily to put towards the purchase of books.

Productivity is calculated by adding all of your stats and diving by 3. Increasing other stats will always increase your productivity by 1/3 of that points added to that stat. This is the ultimate money maker is having a high productivity.

Check at time of registration, if indeed "elibol" Appears on the registration form as your recruiter. A previous Prevents deletion of cookies When you but someone else will land. You can not itself Directly view your total sales, trust in me or something much hard work is required of you. HOWEVER, I like to send you on request a screenshot of your current sales.

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