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I'm just happy with my constant earnings with this new investment program in bitcoins. Ate Kathleen Estelles, a Bitfriend has invited me days ago. At first I was in doubt but I said bahala na si batman (I've been scammed before kasi,alam nyo yun haha).

Then I just joined the site and placed my investment. I deposited BTC 0.05. (what was I thinking back then, lol)

Minimum investment is just only BTC 0.0005 that's around $0.11 or Php 4.8

Investments made will make you a guaranteed 10% daily of your total investments!

Btw, you can't release any deposited investments. No worries as in 10 days you'll earn that anyway.

Payouts are instant too. That's what I love most! If you want to join, click here.


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